Burgess Trail Improvements

“Before Construction”  009-3rd-water-hole-270x250-white

“During Construction” 09-burgess-trail-bridge-work-270x250-3

“After Construction”


  Prince George residents and visitors will now benefit from the Burgess Trail Bridge installed over a tributary of Swede Creek in a deep gully about 4 km up the trail.  There was a very deep washout and a treacherously steep incline going down directly into the tributary so that even a one metre culvert could not hold back during the spring run-off.
Thanks to the PGATV Club spearheading the project with an application for funding through:
        Northern Trails Coalition (Federal)
and matching funding supplied by:
        PGATV Club
       Tabor Mountain Recreation Society
       Recreation Sites and Trails BC
we were able to install a 40′ concrete bridge and to repair 4.2 km of the trail leading to the washout. Other sponsors in alphabetical order were:
        Cycle North Power Sports
       DWB Consulting Services Ltd
       Forest Power Sports
       IMAC Trucking
       Inland Concrete
       Prince George Motorsports
Volunteers also offered 138 hours of their time to complete the undertaking to make this trail available to Prince George residents and visitors.
Whether you start your journey from Scott Road Recreation site or come across from the Groveburn Road Recreational area, you will enjoy a safe and friendly ride on the Burgess Trail.
Please note that the bridge is not rated and the maximum weight allowed by TMRS on any registered trail is 750 kgs (1650 lbs).
Remember to pack out what you pack in, and enjoy your outing!